Legend has it that a Bixie, (a cross between a lion and a dragon) ent to a waterfall. Taria, (the Bixie's name) was curious and thirsty. As she looked in the water she saw her reflection. Taria touches the water and activates a water swirl. Her mirror shows an unconscious cub. She looks up and sees a Snow Leopard cub fall over the top of the waterfall. She hears a splash and shouts -Oh No! - Taria touches the water again and asks the water to assist her in saving the cub. She grabs the cub in her mouth and hopes the ‘little one’ will be ok. Taria talks to the cub ‘Please wake-up. Can you hear me? You’re going to be OK…’ but on waking the cub mistakes Taria for a lion and runs away begging not to be eaten. A Red Panda lies on a tree branch thinking that he is “So bored..” He hears a scream, In the background Taria is shouting ‘I’m not going to harm you’.  The Red Panda  looks down to see the Snow Leopard cub running towards his tree. The cub hides behind the trunk of the big tree and wonders if the ‘lion’ is gone. The Red Panda lowers himself by his tail from the branch and appears upside down in front of the cub. ‘what are you runnin’ from? Hiya’ exclaims the Red Panda. A concerned Taria wonders where the cub ran to and then hears another scream. The Red Panda comes down from the tree and asks the cub where she is going, then asks if the cub is playing a game. The frightened cub shivers in the grass. The Red Panda asks ‘Um.. Are you OK?” In the background Taria yells, ‘Flix’ - Taria asks why Flix (the Red Panda) is scarring the cub. A bewildered Flix says, ‘All I did was say hello!’- The frightened cub hides in the long grass and pleads Taria not to hurt her. Taria assures her that was never her intention. Flix jumps onto Taria’s head. Taria tells the cub ‘Don’t worry about Flix, he’s harmless. I’m Taria, what is your name?’ The cub replies I’m Twilie. Twilie asks, where she is and Taria explains. The mischievous Flix runs off laughing. A bright light appears through the trees and a flying object appears. 'What is that' asks Twilie? Taria explains that she is a Guardian of Fortune, and this is her mirror which helps her to balance the fortunes. She tells Twilie it can help find her home Taria asks Twilie if she can remember what happened, but she can't remember. Flix screams for Taria’s help and the water catches him. Taria roars, -’Waters of Fortune heed my call release Flix at once’-” The water releases Flix, Twilie asks Flix what happened and is told that the water,’ just grabbed’ him. Taria thinks it must be a spirit taking control of the water. Taria explains it is her duty to find out what is going on. The three set out on an adventure to find the cause. Twilie is on her own but Taria calls to her to stay with them. Click here to go to Chapter Two.

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